What to Expect?

Prior to MicroPulse TSCPC, anesthesia is used to make patients comfortable while the doctor gently moves the MP3 probe above and below the iris during surgery.  Following the MicroPulse® Laser therapy procedure:

  • Most patients do not experience pain after the therapy
  • Patients may wear a small eye patch for the rest of the day
  • You may be in and out of the procedure within an hour in most cases
  • This is a quick procedure that that typically does not require and overnight stay
  • Short term use of anti-inflammatory medicine is often prescribed to control inflammation

Typically, IOP decreases a few weeks after the procedure. In time, it may be determined that MicroPulse® TSCPC has reduced the need for glaucoma medications*. However, it is important for glaucoma patients to maintain regular appointments with their glaucoma specialist for monitoring and treatment of the disease.

*Typical results. Actual results may vary. DO NOT stop glaucoma medications unless directed by the doctor.

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