An introduction to

MicroPulse Laser Therapy

MicroPulse® TSCPC is a non-invasive therapy that does not require any incisions or implants. It can be performed in an office setting or in the operating room.

How does MicroPulse work?

MicroPulse allows the tissue to cool between laser pulses, minimizing or preventing tissue damage. Treatment risks are reduced or eliminated, with increased patient comfort than with conventional, continuous-wave laser treatment. MicroPulse laser therapy is a tissue-sparing solution for the treatment of retinal diseases and glaucoma. With MicroPulse, a continuous-wave laser beam is chopped into a train of short, repetitive, low energy pulses separated by a brief rest period which allows the tissue to cool between laser pulses.

MicroPulse Basics

With MicroPulse, the steady continuous-wave (CW) emission is “chopped” into a train of short laser pulses.

A shorter MicroPulse “width” limits the time for the laser-induced heat to spread to adjacent tissues.

A longer MicroPulse “interval” between pulses allows cooling to take place before the next pulse is delivered.

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