MicroPulse Laser Therapy

Collectively with our patients and customers, IRIDEX is geared to become the leader in the ophthalmology space. Our patients are at the focus and heart of everything we achieve. Please watch a couple of our patient testimonials of how our MicroPulse® Laser Therapy has improved their vision.


“The MicroPulse procedure was Awesome, after that, it was almost Instant. The next day I’m seeing Great, I felt Great, there’s No blurry vision and so far, when I come here to get my eye pressure checked, it’s been great.”

Joe Martinez, Glaucoma Patient

“Ive had Glaucoma for about 18 years, I was on eye drops and recently my eye prssure started to go up even with the eye drops. So that’s when Dr. Radcliffe suggested that I have the MicroPulse Laser procedure done to help bring down my eye presssure. It didn’t really take that long. It was about 15 – 20 minutes. After the Laser procedure, I was able to go back to work the next day. And actually later that evening I was able to go to a show with my friend. Two weeks after the laser procedure, I’m off my drops and my eye pressure is 7.”

Ingrid Marquez, Glaucoma Patient

Don’t wait any longer, Speak to a Glaucoma Specialist Today

Answers are at an arm’s reach. Glaucoma specialists across the globe offer MicroPulse® Laser Therapy for the treatment and control of eye pressure associated with mild-to-moderate open-angle glaucoma and are available to answer your questions. Inquire if you are a candidate for MicroPulse® Laser Therapy by speaking with a Glaucoma Specialist in your area.