Nathan Radcliffe, MD

New York Eye Surgery Center

Bronx, NY USA

Jella An, MD

Glaucoma Specialist
University of Missouri

Columbia, MO USA

Sandra Sieminski, MD

Director of Glaucoma
Ross Eye Institute

Buffalo, NY USA

“I was using the Cyclo G6 glaucoma laser for refractory glaucoma patients, but as I saw the results and how comfortable the patients were, I started to expand its use, and now I use it for various types of glaucoma cases.”

Sandra Fernando Sieminski, MD

Ross Eye Institute
Buffalo, NY USA

“The MicroPulse P3 Device has given me over 30% IOP lowering. With patients that are non-compliant with their medication, or we are really trying to keep off their medication, the MicroPulse P3 device allows me to treat patients more aggressively”

Steven Vold, MD

Vold Vision
Fayetteville, AR USA

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